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Shipping boxes
Boxes sizes: 
1. Medium 280 x 220 x 110 mm
2. Small 180 x 140 x 110 mm 


Fill out paper. Double side print. A3 format

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01 / full-color

The idea for this shipping box to make a customer smile by showing off the happy and sunny world of Smile brand in all its glory. Each one is personalized with the customer’s name on the outside. The products inside are surrounded by colorful shred paper filler with an insert on top. It encourages a customer to think of something nice for a smile to last even longer.
Optionally, we can make the inside all-white (or gray) to reduce the costs.

Fill print (the stripes will be made of this)

The card

02 / Minimal

Inspired by the product packaging, this concept shows a minimalist, premium side of the brand. The printing inside makes the unboxing experience nice but a bit calmer than in the 1st concept. The filler of the package is a thick paper printed with a logo pattern. The insert encourages a customer to take action and share the good vibes­. We’re suggesting using social media here—but the offline would count too!
To make it even more premium, we could also add gold foil enhancements to the inside – instead of using yellow color or for the logo only.


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