In this project, we collaborated with OTO Film and VU Finder to develop a virtual production setup for Delsym's commercial, "The Gordon Home," which utilized an LED screen.

As a virtual art department, we offered comprehensive solutions for virtual production screens, including art direction on the set.
We collaborated closely with the director and production designer to seamlessly integrate the virtual and real sets.

Our primary task was to create settings that would be in proximity to the actor. Also, we had to ensure that the environments were consistent with the West Anderson aesthetic and the brand's color scheme, while also depicting changes in time throughout the commercial.

We worked with Unreal Engine, the premier software for virtual production, to create outstanding results.

Studio VU Finder
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Unreal Engine
Abbie Stephens
Natalia Mleczak
Łukasz Tomasz Kołtunowicz
Marcelina Ostrowska
Marcin Szymanowicz
Piotr Buczkowski
Caisar Hadi
Lucyna Stróżak

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