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Play Maker 

Branding + Animation


The guys from Play Maker create event and sports marketing projects in Poland. They needed a strong visual impact to showcase their approach and to sand-out from the competition.

Play Maker leads attacks or brings other players on the same side into a position from which they could score. We treated it as a starting point, so we came up with a strategy and visual identity that build their new character. Eye-buzzing neon-green color, geometric typography, and arrow system have provided the basis for further development. The tone of voice is full of motivational mottoes and emotions that make you want to join the team. The main motto "We play-out marketing" combined with tactics: simply, effectively, and comprehensively create a clear game of plan for services on the market.

Extra step

We loved the project so much, that we decided to make 3D animation with no costs but with total freedom of creation. The Play Makers saw only final result. This personal project took a while, and it was re-worked and re-rendered several times, but we learned a lot new techniques, that we used here.

Piotr Buczkowski - creative direction, simulations, animation, modeling, lighting, rendering, montage, compositing, UI animations
Alex Majewski - simulations, modeling
Adam Rotnicki - compositing, UI animations
Przemysław Zięba - simulations, modeling

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