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Branding + Packaging

ORPHICA owes its inspiration to nature, discovers beautiful properties of plants and uses their extracts to create innovative products. Our brand combines the love of nature with the latest scientific research to develop unique solutions. 

Every product has its category, but they all work by regenerating hair, eyelashes or eyebrows, which become thicker and stronger.

Our Client needed complex and consistent visual communication, which would promote the company’s mission, and at the same time leave room for further growth and new product development.

To face this challenge we decided to focus on the primary goal of Orphica products – regeneration.
For the central graphic element, we created dynamic thick lines, that are all different colors depending on the product.

We designed the logo based on three factors, important to the brand's image – an eye, water, and a sphere - to represent the cycle of life. We chose mint for the primary color of the entire brand, as it gave a dermatological feel to the brand.

Based on our visual expertise, we created packaging including boxes, jars, bottles and sachets, gift boxes and shipping materials.
We were responsible for creating an interactive website, and also for preparing many other marketing elements including supervision of photo sessions for both beauty and products.

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