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Manifesto flags


We created physical flags to manifest core values of our team. Each flag represents a rule that we follow in our design process: attention to detail, thinking of bigger picture, visual impact and aesthetic cleverness. 

„My flag symbolizes usage of different media to create common experience in receiving art.“
― Piotr

„For me, an aesthetic cleverness is based on creating smart design solutions which are complemented by a strong visual layer. The aspect of usability covered with beauty is an integral step of my design process.“
― Przemek

„I believe that during the design process you always have to think about the space that surrounds us. In my opinion, designers should be aware of responsibility that bears upon them.“
― Maja

„Guided by a strong belief that beauty simply loves perfection, I understand the value of even the tiniest of details. For me, every pixel matters.“
― Joanna

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