Dose Skin
Identity + Interactive

Located in Canada, Dose Skin started out as a line of skincare boosters dedicated to protecting and revitalizing sensitive skin.

Dose Skin use a refill system with eco-friendly glass vials and aluminum canisters to reduce environmental footprint.

We don’t want our Dose canisters to end up in the trash. They’re designed to look gorgeous on your nightstand, dressing table, or in your tote bag… and to be refilled over and over again.

Our objective was to develop a sophisticated skincare brand that combine botanical actives with cutting-edge skincare science.


We developed a packaging enhancing concentrated formula with healing attributes. Reflecting the brand's elegance and purity, we employed greyscale colours with powerful symbol that answers extremely gentle & powerful ingredients.

We were also responsible for the brand / products images and the e-commerce website.

Photographs: Dawid Klepadło
Styling: Anastazja Borowska
Model: Emma / Specto Models
Make Up artist: Joanna Łukijańczuk
Decorations: Bożena

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