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Disciples of Desire

Branding + Illustration


Disciples of Desire is a personal project of Chef’. It is his allergic reaction to the commercial world.

The world has gone soft but not the Disciples of Desire. His works shock people. The most dangerous photography. The work ethic, the ability to go places no one else will go…
to create imagery that’s grounded in solid filmmaking technique but features dark content.

Chef asked us to design the brand and the additional graphics. we came up with the custom bold typography along with the ruby-red band that can cover potentially explicit content and will make a strong impact. According to the brief, the graphics shouldn’t be shocking, so we decided to use the power of DoD dirty tweets and mix them with small screenshots and hashtags. The effect stimulates imagination and expectations.

One of the brand key element is custom typeface. We created wide, rounded font for mottos, titles, headers. It contains capital letters, numbers, special signs, and four versions of the logo.

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