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Are you facing tight deadlines and budget overruns?  Your last freelancer or studio mismatched artistic style with your brand or you had a communication gap?

It sounds like an instant headache.

Your brand deserved a reliable creative partner.

3D Studio

At your service


Our Expertise,
Your Vision

We tailor each animation to your unique brand identity, ensuring a final product that resonates with your audience and matches your brand story and values.


Speedy Turnarounds

Our in-house team of experts is committed to delivering your 3D animation projects. Using our in-house render farm or real-time solutions your campaigns roll out on schedule, every time.



We believe in offering exceptional value without compromising on quality. Our process is designed to maximize resources efficiently, providing you with premium 3D animations that align with your budget and marketing goals.


The quality of work

We are in control of every aspect of the final results. Our team of artists and tech experts guarantees high-quality sharp results. 



Effective communication is the backbone of successful collaboration. Our team works closely with yours, ensuring every step, from initial concept to final product, is clear, seamless, and in sync with your expectations.


Working globally

In the fast-paced world of marketing, time is of the essence. Our in-house team of experts is committed to delivering your 3D animation projects with lightning speed and precision, ensuring your campaigns roll out on schedule, every time.

Our capabilites

  • Concept Art

  • Direction

  • Storyboard

  • Montage

  • Rigging

  • Assets creation 

  • Animation

  • Compositing

  • Post-production

  • Motion Design

  • Music Design

  • Sound Design

Straight-forward process



A Creative brief is the backbone of the entire 3D video production process. We simply put it in the client’s questionnaire in which you list your requirements, indicate the video’s mission, length and provide us with references.


Concept & Script

First, we dream up the story we want to tell and sketch out the main ideas. This is our concept. Then, we write the script, which is like a detailed guide, telling us what happens in the story. It's our blueprint for bringing the animation to life, guiding us from the first scene to the last, making sure we will meet the goals and brand voice.



Our storyboard artists create a series of sketches that stand for individual shots in a video. In this phase we add music and sounds to feel the tempo. It's the way of practicing the story to get it just right.


Assets creation

We start by crafting 3D models, add textures, setup shaders to create lifelike characters and objects for your video.


Animation & simulation

At this point, we add the finishing touches to our animation, focusing on making everything look even more real and dynamic. We add simulations such as smoke, liquids, and explosions, which bring depth and excitement to the scene.


Color & Compositing

We adjust the colors to capture the right mood and layer backgrounds, and effects to create a seamless and visually stunning scene. This step ensures that every moment of the animation is visually captivating, enhancing the storytelling with rich colors and textures.


Final delivery

During final delivery, we sync music and sounds with the animation for emotional depth and export the project in formats suited for social media or broadcast. This ensures your video captivates audiences everywhere, with flawless visuals and audio.

Real Connections, Real Satisfaction


Projects made


Satisfied clients


Years of experience


Something extra?

Dedicated Dashboard

We build clear dashboards showing full project details, including status, timing, tasks, and who's doing them, ensuring everything is open and transparent.
You can stay updated on the project without attending meetings - everything is accessible and under your control.

All social media reformats

You will receive the project in all formats needed for social media, so it's only a few steps from getting the files to launching the animation.

Contact on Slack or Discord

We create dedicated server or channel for your project using Slack or Discord. You can communicate with the team easy and in realtime. 


Do you have
a project
in mind?


How much it costs?
The cost of the project depends on its complexity, length, and the level of detail required. Our services start from $ 10,000, but we'll provide customized quotes based on the project's specific needs and scope.
What are the payment terms?
To initiate any project, we require a prepayment. For shorter projects, we typically ask for a 50% prepayment of the total cost. For projects with a longer timeline, a 30% will work.
How long does it take to create a 3D animation?
A simple project might take a few weeks, while more complex projects can take several months or even longer. For example - a one minute animation can take up to 1-2 months of production.
How often will I get updates?
We believe in maintaining open and real-time communication throughout the duration of your project. We communicate daily about the process and provide weekly meetings to get your feedback. A dedicated Project Manager will answer your questions daily.
How do I start?
Just reach out through email or Calendly! We'll discuss your project's goals, timeline, and budget.
What is your technology?
We specialize in real time 3D game engine - Unreal Engine, Houdini, ZBrush, Adobe Substance, Omniverse, Blender, Marvelous Designer, Reality Capture. 

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